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How to Find and Hire the Best Process Server

When you need papers served, you have two options. You can have the sheriff’s department serve the papers or you can hire a private process server. If you have the sheriff’s department serve the papers, you may have a higher risk of not getting the papers served at all or having them not served in a timely manner. Yet with a private process server, there are also some things to consider.

Check with the Courts

If you don’t know where to start finding a process server, check with the local court system. They will have a list of registered and certified private process servers that you can use to get your papers served. This list is not necessarily a list of all the best process servers. It is simply a list of the process servers that are registered. It can be a place to start. If you are already looking at process servers, check with the courts and make sure they are on the lists of registered and certified process servers.

Look at Experience and Success Rate

Your process server should have the experience necessary to find hard-to-locate individuals and stay on a schedule to make sure that papers are served as quickly as possible. Look at their experience level and ask for their success rate. While success rates are rarely going to be 100 percent due to the nature of the business, a high success rate will be a good indication that they are good at what they do.

Provide as Much Information as Possible

When you do make a hiring decision and choose a private process server, give them as much information as you possibly can. Alternate addresses, places of employment, weekly schedules, descriptions of appearance, property, and vehicles, and other personal information can help process servers get papers served more quickly.

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