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April Update

Message from the Founder


Our world is currently dealing with a pandemic of epic proportions. We have been introduced to the term social distancing and have been asked to practice it to help curve the widespread corona virus.

At Accurate Serve, we are dedicated to serving our Clients through the good times and bad. We have remained open throughout this situation and plan to remain open going forward. We have stressed time and time again, that we know the role we play in the legal process and how essential our function is to the legal community.

Our Servers never come in to physical contact with anyone they serve. We hand the paper we are serving to the recipient and it’s usually a 1:1 scenario, never encountering large groups of people. Since it’s usually a tense situation serving Defendants, we don’t hang around for coffee talk, we are in and out pretty quick, as we always have been, for the safety of the Servers.

We have told our Servers to extend their arms fully when handing papers off to create as much distance between Server and subject. We have also told our Servers to sanitize their hands before and after each service attempt. Sanitize before and after filling up w/ gas and to use drive throughs when you need sustenance.

Most of our office staff have been working remotely from their homes and our Servers are printing a lot of service packets from their home offices as well to minimize travel and interaction. Most of the serves we receive are via email, so that helps too. Mailed services – office staff are instructed to wash their hands after each and every piece of mail they open.

We are great at what we do and we try not to let natural disasters, pandemics, etc. interrupt or slow us down much. Like I said earlier, we are dedicated to our clients and to the profession. We are an essential business, delivery services, courier services are in great demand right now.  Process Serving is essential to the court system, so as long as Clients send us work, we will serve it.

Locally – We do have to follow guidelines set in place by local courts, circuits, etc. We have told our team/servers that if the person in charge of your process server license sends out a memo saying to stop serving papers, you must stop serving papers.  The 19th Circuit placed a quick stay on process but it was misconstrued by the masses and the “stay” was lifted/corrected.  The 18th Circuit had placed a stay on Foreclosures and Evictions until April 15th.

Statewide – In the past few days, Governor DeSantis signed into effect several Orders. See Colorado Executive Order link. As defined by these terms, it is in our opinion, that process servers are considered an essential business. Another thing to note on that link is that there is a stay on Foreclosures and Evictions for 45 days.

Hockey shut down and basketball too – no March Madness or now Wimbledon. Gyms, dining rooms at restaurants, bars/nightclubs – all closed. Amusement parks, nature preserves, no entry allowed. This truly is a hard time for all of us.

We want to wish you all the best and hope that everyone, and their loved ones, remain safe during this tough time. And let’s hope this ugly virus will dissipate in the upcoming weeks and we can all get our sanity back and return to the normal ins and outs of the daily grind.

Have hope, be optimistic, and instill resilience. All the best, take care please.

Warmest regards,
Beau Charlet  

Franchisee: Pensacola

Our servers are out on the street delivering your subpoenas and summons’ working diligently through this crazy time. Accurate Serve of Pensacola covers a huge area! It would take you 3 hours to cross all the counties that we cover, that is without any traffic! From Panama City to Mobile Alabama and all parts in between!

What about the panhandle areas where we need a motion and order? We have servers for those areas too! Motion and Order counties require you to file a motion and … you guessed it; an order to appoint us to serve your docs. It’s easy, and we actually will fill it out for you! When you send us docs that require motion and order, our staff will fill out the motion and the order and send it to you to file as we hold the docs until we get the order signed by the judge. We also will follow up with you to see/ remind you that we are waiting on this.

Your service of process needs are to important to leave in the hands of amateurs; we are statewide, we are efficient, and we are professionals. Your business is in good hands with Accurate Serve.

If you have any questions or inquiries please just send us an email or call us on the phone!



– Brennan Fogarty

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