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Terms & Conditions

First time using our services? If so, thank you. Real quick, some FAQ’s and Answers.

  • Do we require pre-payment? Yes, for all new Clients, we need pre-payment. Established clients may be given the option to be invoiced for services.
  • What is your fee? Depends on a number of things. Please call or email to get an accurate quote.
  • How long does it take? Routine service is generally w/in 4 business days. Rush is w/in 24 hours and we have Same Day Service too.
Houston Office:
Accurate Serve®
2929 Allen Parkway, Suite 200
Houston, TX 77019



Whether it’s pre-payment or invoicing, let us tell you how to get the funds to us. The best and quickest way, hands down, to make payment is right here on this very website. Payment can be made 24-7 and the site is secure. If your office is on invoicing, please make payment to us w/in 30 days. If you are unable to meet the financial guidelines set forth herein, then you may fall subject to an administrative/late fee in the amount of $5 per Invoice. That $5 is added every 30 days.

Other ways to get us paid include sending a check or money order to the address listed on this website and your Invoice.

Addresses & Attempts

Our normal service fee includes four attempts, on the norm. If our Servers make 4 attempts at a residence, all at 1:30 pm on a weekday, we will ensure that the Server continues attempts until diligence is proven. Diligence is number of attempts and quality of attempts. 4 mid-day/weekday attempts are not top quality, so we will be sure to include an early weekday AM, late weekday PM and a Saturday attempt.

There is a chance that our service fee may include only one attempt. if we discover on attempt #1 that the address is bad, then efforts will cease at that address. Some reasons for a bad address may include:

  • Vacant dwelling
  • Current resident states subject is unknown
  • Current resident states subject used to reside but has moved

The Entity of Muscato, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® of Houston and Winston Honore Holdings, LLC d/b/a Accurate Serve® are released from any liability or claims that may arise out of using this service.

Our Process

Ok, so let’s say the first address IS bad. What happens next?

  • You, the Client, provide us with a new service address. There will be a second service fee that will need to be paid for the new service address.
  • You, the Client, have no more info and you ask us to run a Skip Trace (ST). A ST is basically a locate report. if we find a new address on the ST, just green light us on the new address and pay new fee.
  • You, the Client, do not have any new info and do not want to Skip trace the subject. We will non serve and list all efforts.

What happens if the address is good but the subject is evading?

  • We can do surveillance either early AM or late PM and try to catch the subject leaving the residence or coming home after work. Please note this is an additional hourly fee.
  • You can provide us a Place of Employment to make attempts there

We love serving papers, it’s who we are and it’s what we do. Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business. Please reach out today and make that call or compose that email, we can’t wait to hear from you.


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