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What Else Do Process Servers Do?

Process servers are best known for delivering legal documents to the homes of strangers and declaring the infamous words, “You’ve been served.” While this service of process is the most prominent responsibility among process servers, they also maintain other essential legal responsibilities.

Document Retrievals

If there’s one thing the court system generates on a daily basis, it’s documents. Every motion, filing, briefing, verdict, or claim within a jurisdiction leads to a document being filed at the county clerk’s office. The sheer volume of documents generated by court proceedings on every level is enough to boggle the mind, especially if you only have a few minutes to try and search for the specific document that you need. This is why process servers also specialize in finding legal documents quickly and efficiently, in turn saving lawyers and other legal professionals valuable time and effort. Continue reading

Service of Process Can Pose Real Dangers

There are certain jobs that are well known for their tendency to place employees into harm’s way. Police officers, firefighters, and members of the military all put their lives on the line each day to serve their fellow citizens. One profession that rarely receives enough attention for its dangerous qualities is that of a process server.  

Process servers are responsible for serving official court documents to people involved in some type of legal matter. Documents range from divorce papers to subpoenas to testify in court. Since the papers that process servers deliver tend to hold bad or stressful news, few recipients accept their documents willingly and joyfully. Unfortunately, the truth is that many process servers have experienced threats, violence, and physical injury during the process of serving papers. Continue reading

Skip Traces: What, Why, and How?

We live in an interconnected world dominated by technology and rapid access to information, but some people still manage to live “under the radar” in an effort to evade bill collectors and law enforcement agents. A skip trace is one of many tools that can be used to investigate such a person’s whereabouts. Also known as debtor or fugitive recovery, a skip trace can reveal important information that helps a creditor, process server, or other entity track down a certain person. Continue reading

Don’t Settle for Less: Important Qualities of a Reliable Process Server

starsWhen it comes to delivering legal documents regarding a case of importance to you or your business, you cannot leave the delivery to chance. Sheriffs are historically in charge of completing service of process, but private process servers have become far more common over the last ten years to provide faster and more reliable service than any sheriff can offer while still attending to his many other responsibilities. As you search for the right process server to handle your case, keep these important qualities in mind.

Experienced Continue reading

Why Hire a Process Server?

legal-papersProcess servers carry out many vital tasks that keep our judicial system running, though they aren’t always appreciated for it. Individuals and lawyers alike rely upon process servers to serve their court papers in an expedient and legally upheld manner.

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who is legally certified to deliver court orders and court documents relating to a defendant’s presence in court. Aside from court-appointed officials like the sheriff, process servers are the only individuals who can serve defendants with the papers necessary to advance a court case or legal situation. Continue reading

Legal Problems on Real Housewives of New York are Indeed Real

starsIt often seems that bad relationship luck follows reality stars and celebrities around like an inescapable black cloud. The divorce between Real Housewives of New York’s Jules Wainstein and her soon-to-be-ex Michael Wainstein is no exception. This July, Michael served Jules with divorce papers after the two officially decided to end their marriage.

Trouble in Paradise

Long before Jules was served her divorce papers, trouble was brewing between the couple. Though it can be hard to determine the exact circumstances of any marital dispute, sources have reported that Jules and Michael were already estranged when Jules called the police because she felt threatened by the manner in which Michael was speaking to her. Though no arrests were made, it seems that the situation was definitely symbolic of the status of their relationship. Continue reading

Controversy Rises Over Process Servers and Body Armor

11387267 - illustration of bullet proof vest. isolated on white

If you have an eye on the news for stories about process servers getting into difficult situations, you’ll know that dangerous events occur on a daily basis for the process servers tasked with serving papers to those in legal hot water. For as many people who realize that the process server is nothing more than a messenger, just as many unleash the full depths of their anger and violence on the process server unlucky enough to walk up to the door with papers. Foul insults, physical violence, and dangerous threats are often a part of the job description, so it makes sense that process server Billy Earle has worn a bulletproof vest while on the job for more than two decades.

Earle has experienced assault, had firearms pointed at him, and was even once chased by a man wielding a shovel. Earle has been protected by his bulletproof vest and enabled to handle jobs with inherent danger. Now, however, he is no longer allowed to wear that bulletproof vest into Her Majesty’s Penitentiary in Newfoundland, Canada. Earle arrived to serve papers to a prisoner and was told that he wouldn’t be allowed through. Instead, a prison staff member had to deliver the papers. Given the strict nature of delivery of proof, it was a huge risk for Earle to allow another unqualified person to handle his job. The staff member signed an affidavit swearing that the papers were successfully served, but relying on this type of middle man makes Earle very uncomfortable, and for very good reason. Continue reading

The Role of Private Process Servers

private detective 2The role of a process server is actually set out in the Constitution, where it is stated that service of due process is a privilege to all citizens. This means that all Americans have the right to be properly informed that they are being summoned for some type of legal court action. A process server, then, is the messenger to notify any individual of his involvement in a legal issue. Before cities and town became as large and sprawling as they now are, the local county sheriff was in charge of serving all papers. However, that is now a daunting task in today’s society. The role of process server arose as a way to alleviate the burden on the sheriff’s offices and help serve papers in a faster and more efficient manner. Continue reading

Can Businesses Be Served?

businessLegal issues between two people are complicated enough, but things can get very messy when a business becomes embroiled in the court process. Businesses can indeed be served court papers, but service of process takes a bit more planning and care than when serving an individual.

Who Gets Served? Continue reading

When People Do Shoot the Messenger… Literally

Counties of ServiceAs any process server can tell you, being tasked with enforcing legal service of process is a tough job. Not only are you responsible for delivering news that is likely going to be unwelcomed by the recipient, but you must track down people across the state—or country—when they really don’t want to be found.

We all know that process servers are merely the humble messengers delivering court documents, but that doesn’t stop emotions from surging when defendants hear the words “you’ve been served.” Continue reading

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